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Headhunter PIRATE

Headhunter PIRATE
Headhunter PIRATE

Introducing our NEW Headhunter PIRATE!


Two-knobs, turn-on and go simplicity, electronics inside the integral headphones… Family friendly and packs easily in the trunk of your car for vacations!

This is a metal detector that is really light-weight, powerful, hunts in the rain and water on the beach, made of quality materials, simple enough for everyone in the whole family to use and easy on your budget!

Technical Specifications:

Operating Search Frequency: 2.4kHz quartz crystal controlled.

Searchcoil: 8 inch Concentric, Co-Planar, RF insulated against static interference

Headphone Transducers: Piezo Electric

Audio Frequency: 400 Hz

Search Mode: Silent search, Slow Motion Discrimination

Operating Environments: Salt water, Fresh water, Land

Water Resistant: Accidental drops in water and you can hunt in the rain.

Length: Adjustable from 43" to 53"

Weight w/Batteries: 3.5 Pounds

Batteries: (2) 9-Volt Carbon Zinc (included), Alkaline, or

Battery Life: up to 50 hours (when alkaline batteries are used in the detector)

Warranty: 2 years

Specifications subject to change without notice

                                                                                                                                        CDN $ 388.00