Underwater All Purpose Detector 1280-X


Underwater 1280X


Discriminating, Simple To Use, Rugged And Affordable.


Fisher 1280-X Underwater Metal Detector – Proven Performance on Land or in Water Turn On & Go Operation

Submersible up to 250 feet

Full Range Target Discrimination

Adjustable Sensitivity Control

Audio and Visual Target Response

VLF Discrimination

8” and 10” Coil Options

Up to 75+ Hours of Battery Life

Operating Frequency: 2.4 kHz

Recommended for:
Beach Hunting
Shallow Water, Lake /Surf, Diving

$889.00 With 8" Coil
$924.00 With 10.5" Coil

                                                 To Order Please Call 1 250 635 5676 or E mail