$1392.00 CDN


*The Infinium's Non-Motion All metal Mode Penetrates Deeply Into The Most Difficult Mineralized Ground (Australia and Italy included)!

*Ideal For Nugget, Coin, Cache And Relic Hunting Anywhere In The World, As Deep As 200ft Ocean Depth!

*Ultra-Low Battery Drain; Infinium's Use Of AA Batterys Makes It Lighter

Than Competitive Detector Models. Alkaline And Rechargable Batterys Are Included.

*Automatic GroundTrak With Adjustable Tracking Speed For Hunting In Non-Uniform Soils.

*Audio Threshold Adjustment Helps Insure Clear Interpretation Of All Target Signals, Especially For Enhanced Detection Of Gold Nuggets.

*Includes 10"x 14" Power DD Submersible PROformance Searchcoil Plus Hipmount And Belt.

*Include's Land Headphones, Owners Manual And Instructional DVD.


*Length; 28" To 52" (.71m-1.32m), Adjustable

*Buoyancy: Near Neutral

*Weight 5.5lbs (2.5kgs) Stem-Mounted; 3.8lbs Hip Mounted

*Control Housing Weight 31 oz

*Land Headphones Weight (Included): 16 oz

*Submersion Depth: To 200 ft (65m); Underwater Headphones Required

*Detection Frequency – 730 Pulses Per Second,Adjustable

*8AA Battery Operation (batterys included)

*2 Year Warranty Limited Parts/Labor


*Discrimination *Threshold *Frequency Adjust *Automatic Ground Track Has Three Settings;

Slow; Use Over Slowly Changing Ground Mineralization

Lock; Locks Ground Track Settings; Use For Most Ground And Offers

Maximum Depth. Fast; Use Over Extreme Or Quickly Changing Ground Mineralization.


*Non-Motion All Metal with Adjustable PI Discrimination