SUPER SCANNER                             


*Ultimate Sensitivity: Detects Medium Sized Pistol from 9" Distance

Large Knife From 6", Razor Blades From And Box Cutters From 3"- Distance; Foil -wrapped Drugs And Tiny Jewelry From 1".

*Large 10" Scan Surface For Quick, Thorough Scanning.

*Sharp Udible Alarm And Bright Red LED Light That Indicates The Detection Of Metal.

*Three – Color LED Indication; Green LED Light Indicates On; Amber LED Indicates LOW BATTERY; Red Indicates ALARM.

*Battery: Single 9 Volt Battery Provides Up To 60 Hrs Of Normal Operation. Optional NiMH Rechargable Battery Provides Up To 20 Hrs On Each 12 Hr Charge.

*Warranty; 24 Months, Parts And Labor.