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All of these new features are complimented by Tesoro's easy to use controls. No touch pads

or scroll through menus. Set the detector how you like it by adjusting the knobs on the front  of the machine. The Cortés features an On/Off Sensitivity knob; a Discriminate Level knob; a Manual Ground Balance knob; a Mode Switch with All Metal, Discriminate and Sum mode settings; a NotchWidth switch with Off, Narrow and Wide settings and a Light switch to control the LCD backlight witha High, Low, and Off positions.The Cortés fits into a package that weighs just less than three pounds (including the batteries!) and is covered under Tesoro's Lifetime Warranty. The Tesoro Cortés makes target ID easy and fun. Contact your local dealer or the factory for more information.                            

Operating Frequency 10 kHz
Searchcoil Type Concentric
Searchcoil Size 9 x 8
Cable Length Approx. 3'
Audio Freq. Target ID Tones Approx. 350 to 800 Hz
Audio Freq. All Metal VCO Approx. 350 to 920 Hz
Audio Output 2 ¼" speaker and headphone jack
Headphone Compatibility ¼" stereo plug
Weight (may vary slightly) 2.98 lbs
Battery Requirement Eight AA (alkaline)
Battery Life (typical) 10 to 20 hours
Optimum Temp. Range 30° to 100° F
Optimum Humidity 0 to 75% R.H.
Operating Modes Silent Search Discriminate
No Motion All Metal

Notch Narrow/Wide


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