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Keene Hand Sluice Model A52 – The Classic Stream Sluice Box

Keene A52Keene Hand Sluice Model A52 – The Classic Stream Sluice box The A52 Hand Sluice by Keene is the industry standard sluice box. It works great in almost any stream or river and is often used as the starting platform for highbanker and dredge conversions.

It's compact and portable yet features high production. This time tested sluice box design has been the standard of the industry for decades. Designed with a wider flare for faster separation and with a longer body for greater capacity. The flare is detachable for storage and easy packing. Balances easily for carrying.

A52 Dimensions: 10" wide x 4.5" deep x 51" long with a large 18" flare

Riffle Area: measures 10 inches wide by 30 inches long Weight: approx. 12 lbs. A52

CDN $219.00


Gold NuggetsKeene Hand Sluice Model A51

Product Description:

Keene A51The Keene A51 Mini Sluice Box is the standard sluice for lightweight prospecting. Our most popular medium size sluice for all around use. Size 36" x 10". Riffle area measures 10 inches wide and 21 inches long.
Produces quantities of concentrates ten times faster than hand panning alone.

Keene A51 Sluice Features:
~ New improved riffle latching system for easier and faster clean up.
~ New improved riffle design for superior fine gold recovery for all conditions.
~ New Black rubber ribbed matting for instant gold recognition and improved fine gold recovery.
~ Lighter and more compact for back packing and storage.
~ New improved handle for more even balance & ease of carrying.
~ Plated expanded metal under the riffles causes increased water turbulence to drop gold easier.
~ High profile carpet under the expanded metal captures even the finest gold.

Shipping Weight approx. 12 lbs A51  CDN $179.95




Yellow Jacket Sluice Boxes (45" OR 36")

Product Description:

Yellow Jacket YJ2* New! * Sluice box riffles have been recently further improved with a new zinc chromate finish providing even more durability. As a result of this improvement the color of the riffles will differ from the picture.

The ideal prospecting tool for the "weekend miner" to the "professional gold prospector." Sluice boxes produce quantities of gold concentrates ten times faster than hand panning.

The riffles are designed for superior recovery under different water and gravel conditions. The first few riffles are stream riffles to make it easier for the water to start to move the material, followed by classic Hungarian riffles to enhance recovery if greater water volume is available.

NEW: a section of diamond cut raised aluminum has been added for enhanced fine gold recovery.

The body of these sluice boxes are aluminum and the riffles are powder coated steel for great durability and lighter weight. The riffle latching system is centered for quicker and easier cleanup.

The riffles have been recently improved with a new zinc chromate finish for years of durable service.

The 45 inch yellow jacket sluicebox has a removable bolt on flare so you can adjust to different water flow conditions. Use the flare for slower moving water.

The JOBE 36 inch Yellow Jacket Stream Sluice is 10 inches wide and 36 inches long weighing a very light 8 pounds. Great for backpacking!


45" CDN $189.95
36" CDN $179.95


                                                                                             Miner's Moss 12 X 36"

Nomad matting is the same ultimate matting for gold recovery in any sluicing or dredging situation. Traps and holds gold inside woven vinyl fibers. Preferred by commercial dredgers




                          CAMEL PRO 24 SPIRAL GOLD PANNING MACHINE

The Pro Camel is the largest 12 volt panning machine manufactured anywhere. It is a fast, high capacity machine capable of processing

400 pounds of placer sand per hour. This machine is for the person who wants to process a lot of concentrates in a short time.


                                    Pro-Camel 24



  •                                                                            Dry Weight =20 pounds (dry weight)
  •                                                                            Powered by any 12-Volt Battery



  • 15 spiral leads into a 5 lead second stage on a big 24" wheel.
  • Our exclusive Aqua-Jeton the spray-bar churns and mixes the materials in the wheel for the fastest recovery possible.
  • ThePRO-CAMEL features a variable speed control.
  • Our standard drive unit is gear driven and ball bearing equipped. It runs smoothly, quietly and it is energy efficient too!



 Pro-Camel gold panning machines are guaranteed against defects in materials and labor for an initial period of one year from the date of purchase

                                                          CDN $1,149.00

                                                       CAMEL PRO 18 SPIRAL GOLD PANNING MACHINE

Pro-Camel 18

                         Features of the Pro-Camel 18 Automatic Gold Panning Machine

•Unique 2-stage Spiral Wheel: 15 spiral riffles lead into an inset second stage of 5 additional spiral riffles. This innovative design increases gold recovery over the standard single stage wheels

•Exclusive Aqua-Jet technology ensures that the material stays in a slurry allowing the gold to drop out into the spirals

•Variable speed wheel control and adjustable water flow allows you to fine tune the Pro-Camel 18 to the material being processed

•The drive unit is gear driven and uses sealed ball bearings that allow it to run smoothly, quietly, and be energy efficient

•Dry Weight: 20 pounds •Powered by any 12-volt battery with at least 16 amps of output (not included)

•One year manufacturers warranty


                          CDN $ 780.00



Gold Panning Kit

Garrett Deluxe Gold Pan Kit

Prospector* 15" Super Sluice Pan * 14" Prospector Pan

* 10" Backpacker Pan * Classifier * Tweezers

* Gold Guzzler Bottle * 2 Gold Vials * Find A Ounce,

Of Gold A Day (book) By Roy Lagal * Gold Panning

Is Easy Book And Video.


CDN $ 76.00


                                    Fisher Hardrock Pro Gold Pan Kit

GOLD Panning Kit                    Includes:

        10 ½” Gold Pan (Made in the USA)\

       14” Gold Pan (Made in the USA)

       Classifier (Made in the USA)

       Two 1oz Shatterproof Vials

       Snuffer Bottle

      Top Hat Black Sand Magnet

                                                                           Treasure Scoop

                                                                           Drawstring Bag

                                                                           Precision Tweezers


                                                                          Crevice Tool

                                                                          Rock Pick

                                                                         Gold Prospecting Panning Guide

                                                                                        CDN $ 130.00

                                      BLUE BOWL CONCENTRATOR

Blue Bowl ConcentratorBlue Bowl ConcentratorThe Blue Bowl Concentrator will quickly recover your fine gold with only the water from a garden hose, or can be rigged to recirculate with a 12 volt pump and a 5 gallon bucket. This is the famous blue plastic bowl designed to work forever with no moving parts. Comes with water flow control valve.

Water is pumped into the bowl and drains through a tower in the center. Lighter material spirals around the Bowl,up the side of the tower and out

                                                     the hole in the middle. Heavier gold sits on the bottom or at the base of the tower.


CDN $123.00


Blue Bowl Concentrator With Pump Kit

Blue Bowl Concentrator and PumpThese parts would cost over $100 if purchased separately. Instructions included. You will also need a five gallon bucket which we do not supply

Blue Bowl Concentrator

12 volt 750 gal per hour 12 volt pump,

3 feet of 3/4 inch flex hose

a pair of battery clips,

Hose Connector

Instructions                                                    CDN $157.00

Blue Bowl Legs



Blue Bowl Leveling Legs



CDN $45.00

                                                                    CAMEL DESERT FOX

                                             Recover 50 times MORE GOLD with the Desert Fox Automatic Gold Panning Machine!

                                                                                    Spend More Of Your Time Getting To The Pay Dirt!!


With the Desert Fox, you can work concentrates down much faster. Not only will your speed increase, your gold recovery and efficiency will improve by a factor of 50. That’s not a misprint! You will recover 50 times more gold with the Desert Fox than working by hand with a gold pan. More gold, less time, and a lot less work. And with the new proprietary variable speed model, you can adjust for maximum gold recovery no    matter what type of material you are panning.



The Desert Fox spiral wheel has SEVEN separate spirals which pick up GOLD SEVEN times with each rotation of the wheel (105 times per minute). The seven spirals dump gold into the tube-shaft and into a hanging gold catch-cup. This method is far superior to other types of spiral wheels which do not pass the gold through the center of the wheel into a hanging cup. The Desert Fox wheel with its pitch adjustment and water spray system helps the operator “tune out” the black sand.

The Desert Fox is a compact, light-weight gold panning machine you can take anywhere. Weighing under 10 pounds even with a rugged folding stand, it folds up and stores neatly in its Action Packer tub. Operate it right out of the tub, or remove it from the case and use it in a stream. The Desert Fox is aptly named because it was designed to conserve water and will operate on just three gallons. It sets up quickly and easily and can run 70 pounds of concentrates in an hour–it’s both a separator and a concentrator in one self-contained panning machine. Recovers an amazing amount of flour gold so you never lose even the smallest pieces (which all add up!).

Desert Fox is Designed for Speed and Efficiency!

While the Desert Fox is mainly a finishing machine used in conjunction with a sluice box or other concentrator, you can also use it to prospect for gold. Simply set up the machine and take a few samples systematically and observe which samples contain the most colors. Set up your concentrating equipment near the test area with the best show of gold.

The Desert Fox Spiral wheel was computer designed for maximum speed and efficiency. The Desert Fox drive unit is gear driven and ball bearing equipped — the only spiral panning machine built with sealed ball bearings. This means less friction and less battery power needed! It runs very quiet and it is energy efficient too! Our exclusive aqua-jet on the spray-bar churns and mixes the materials in the wheel for the fastest recovery possible. The Desert Fox can pan up to 70 pounds of concentrates per hour.

Fully self-contained, nothing else to buy, runs off any 12 volt 7amp D.C. source, like a small motorcycle battery or your vehicle battery. Easy to set up or stow. The Action Packer Carrying case serves as a reservoir to re-circulate water

Desert Fox Specifications

Height: 20 inches   Width: 14.5 inches
Length: 20 inches   Weight: 10 pounds
Wheel Diameter: 12.5 inches
Power Required: 12VDC 5AH
Water Required: 3-4 gallons
Pump Capacity: 450 Gph.

Stowed Dimensions:

Height: 10 inches  • Width: 14.5 inches • Length: 17.5 inches

CDN $468.00






Desert Fox Backpack Harness CDN $36.00




Got Gold?

Gold is measured in many ways but for some reason this precious metal is weighed in a system of measurements called "Troy Measurements". Troy measurements are such that one pound (lb) is divided up into 12 Troy Ounces and each Troy Ounce is divided up into 20 units called Pennyweight (dwt). Therefore, you must be careful when talking to someone about a quantity of gold. Make sure that the ounces you are talking about are the same ounces you are thinking about. Here are a few conversions to help you convert to other systems of measurement of mass.

One Troy lb (pound)=12 troy ounces
One troy oz=20 pennyweight (dwt)
One troy oz=480 grains
One troy oz=33.3 grams

One pennyweight = 24 grains Formula to convert grams to pennyweight
____grams X .6006006 = dwt

Formula to convert grams to Troy Ounces
_____grams X .03003 = troy ounces

Other conversions that might help

one mg (milligram) = 1/1000 g
one g (gram) = 1000 mg, 14.4 gr (grains)
one k (kilogram0 = 1000 g, 35 oz, 2.2 lbs.
one gr (grain0 = .65 g (grams)
one oz (ounce) = 28 g
one lb (pound) = 16 oz, 454 g, .45 k